The Crabbet In-Hand National Championships July 2020

Cancelled due to Covid19

The Crabbet Organisation In-Hand National Championships are kindly hosted by The Arab Horse Society at their British National Championships. To enter these championships competitors (apart from yearlings) need to qualify at one of our eligible classes or events.

The Crabbet Organisation In-Hand National Championships aim is to support owners, studs and breeders of Crabbet Arabians by providing a means of showing them in a style that compliments the strengths and attributes of these essentially performance athletes especially with the development of extreme in hand showing.

How To Qualify for The Crabbet Organisation In-Hand National Championships
  1. Please read The Crabbet Organisation In-Hand National Championships rules.

  2. If you do not already have one, apply for your Crabbet Letter from The Crabbet Organisation (free to members) that states your Arabian is eligible to enter.

  3. Download a qualification card off the website HERE. This can also be emailed to you, please contact If you need this by post please send a stamped addressed envelope to, The Crabbet Organisation Qualification Card, Court Lodge, Whitton, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 3AA.

  4. Enter an eligible in-hand showing class or evaluation event - a list of eligible classes can be viewed here.

  5. Fill in your qualification card and if you believe you have qualified get the card signed by the judge, secretary or organiser.

  6. Send your signed qualification card and a copy of your Crabbet letter by email or post, contact details in point 3.

  7. If you have qualified, confirmation of this will be issued on headed paper by email. This qualification lasts for the lifetime of the horse and you may now enter The Crabbet Organisation's National In-Hand Championships each year if you wish.

  8. In addition, if you would like to purchase a special Qualification Certificate on quality paper that could be framed and displayed these are available from The Crabbet Orgainsation Shop.


Crabbet Arabians

To enter The Crabbet Arabian Championships your Arabian needs to be a pure bred Arabian registered with The Arab Horse Society. Link to the AHS, click here

Your Arabian needs to be 75% or over Crabbet and Old English bloodlines.

At the Championships there are separate classes for youngstock, mares, geldings, stallions & veterans followed on by special awards and supreme championships.

We are sorry but we do not have classes for part bred or Crabbet related Arabians at our Championships.

Crabbet Letters


To obtain a Crabbet Organisation letter your Arabian needs to be 75% or over Crabbet and Old English Arabian parentage. The Crabbet Organisation issues these letters. This service is free to members (join here from as little as £25) and £20 for each letter to non members (pay for letter here).

Please email with the following information:

  • Full registered name of Arabian

  • Full name of Sire

  • Full name of Dam

  • Your name and address


If you are not sure if you Arabian has any Crabbet or Old English bloodlines you can make an initial enquiry for free and we can let you know if your Arabian will easily make the required percentage or has only a small percentage. 

To enter Crabbet Related classes held under our rules you will also need a letter from the Crabbet Organisation

Yearling Rules


The Crabbet Organisation would like to encourage owners to exhibit their yearlings but travelling to eligible qualification classes and events can be too much for these young equines. With welfare in mind the following changes to our rules will come into force.

Yearling Crabbet Arabians may enter The Crabbet Organisation Championships without having to qualify at regional shows. This does not mean that they obtain a lifetime qualification to continue to enter The Crabbet Championships in future years.

Lifetime qualification will be awarded to the highest placed yearling in the "Crabbet Youngstock Class" at The Crabbet Organisation Championships. 

If there are 5 or more yearlings entered the second highest placed yearling will also be awarded a lifetime qualification.​

Yearlings not awarded a lifetime qualification will be required to qualify at eligible qualification classes and events in the usual way to enter The Crabbet Championships in future years.

This only applies to Crabbet Arabians that are one year old in the same year as The Championships. You will still need a Crabbet letter for your yearling.

Contact for Regional Shows, Championships or Competitions

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